Unforgettable Sea Adventure at Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga

Kelong pancing madu tiga sea adventure : When it comes time to plan a vacation, there’s nothing more exciting than going somewhere truly unique. Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga, with its traditional kelongs floating on the sea, offers an unforgettable sea adventure. In this article, we will discuss why this place is the holiday destination of choice for those seeking an immersive ocean adventure.

Floating on the Sea: A Unique Experience

One of the things that differentiates Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga from other destinations is the use of traditional kelongs as accommodation. Kelongs are bamboo structures that float in the sea, creating the feeling of living on water. This is a truly unique experience that brings you closer to nature and the beautiful sea.

Amazing Snorkeling

With lush coral reefs and rich underwater life, Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga is a paradise for divers and snorkeling lovers. Snorkeling here allows you to soak up the underwater beauty, see the colorful fishes, and maybe even meet turtles or barracuda.

Challenging Fishing Experience

Fishing is one of the best activity that should not be missed while you are staying in Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga. Together with the local fishermen, you can try your fishing skill by catching big fishes and experience the sensation of it in the middle of the open sea. Fishing here is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Stunning Traditional Kelong

During your stay, you will live in stunning traditional kelongs. These kelongs are equipped with a comfortable bedroom, terrace with sea views, and a wide dining area. This is the perfect place to relax after a day of sea adventures.

Delicious Seafood

The restaurant in Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga serves delicious fresh seafood from fresh crab to delicious deep-sea fish. You will be treated to an authentic taste of the sea. Dinner with stunning sea views is an unforgettable experience.


Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga is a place that presents unforgettable sea adventures that will bring you closer to nature and the beauty of the sea. With unique traditional kelongs, exciting activities, and delicious seafood, you’ll feel the freshness of the sea in all aspects of your holiday. Plan and plan your trip now to start this immersive ocean adventure.

Why us

Located in the middle of the Tanjung Pinang sea. Madu Tiga Kelong Pancing has a restaurant, fishing area, live music, karaoke room, sea sport, rooms on the water, and various other activities

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At Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga, we are committed to providing an unforgettable holiday experience. Each of our employees is part of a big family ready to host you and make you feel at home. We want you to experience the natural beauty and local culture with joy.

Welcome to our Resort, where natural beauty and hospitality unite in an immersive adventure. We look forward to hosting you and helping you create wonderful memories during your stay with us.You can visit our another beautiful resort called Madu Tiga Beach and Resort

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