Bintan Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang can fulfill your travel dreams. Starting from serving beautiful natural scenery, to classy facilities. Also, enjoy delicious local dishes, and a variety of unique tourist activities. As a tourist island like Bali, Bintan Island is popular.  

This is one of the islands that is often visited by tourists. Especially those who want to enjoy resort accommodation there. 

Bintan Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang

About Bintan Resort 

In Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, you can get an extraordinary travel experience. Explore stunning natural landscapes and resorts for families. Like tourist resorts on other tourist islands, Bintan resorts are worth it. They can present the best tourism potential in Bintan to visitors.  

Bintan Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang is a place that presents complete tourist facilities. So it can meet the vacation needs in Bintan. They manage various things ranging from area development to infrastructure. They also organize nature conservation efforts, and so on. 

The development of Bintan Resorts can make you feel at home exploring this island. Many interesting destinations that tourists can visit. Most of the resorts in Bintan use the natural environment as their base. But, they still handle the environment. 

Bintan Resorts not only provides overnight accommodation with a unique natural tourism experience. They also provide a variety of tourist activities. You can do various watersport activities, and play on the golf course. Explore lakes, and eco-farm tours when visiting the resort hotel in Tanjung Pinang. 

Why Should You Visit Bintan Island? 

Besides presenting a marine landscape, Bintan Island also has a healthy environment. It means that sustainable efforts here are very good.  

Besides Bali, Bintan Island is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia for tourists. Bintan Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang can enhance your vacation experience. It has complete facilities, infrastructure, and services. So why is Bintan Island so popular? Let’s find out more. 

– The Beauty Of Sustainable Nature On Bintan Island 

At first glance, Bintan Island is like Bali although there are more unique vibes here. Bintan island has hills, beaches, and forests. Each of these has its beautiful scenery. Each tourist area has various tourist attractions that are worth visiting. 

The beaches near Bintan Beach Resort Hotel not only have beautiful visuals. They are also clear and clean. To get a romantic sunset experience, Bintan Island beaches can be the best place. Also, Bintan Island presents mangrove forest tours beside the beach attractions. You can even visit nature conservation sites on the island. 

– Explore The Cultural Diversity Of Bintan 

Another interesting tourist point on Bintan Island is the cultural side. This island has a unique cultural side. In the past, the island was the center of the spice trade. This makes Bintan island visited by many immigrants from a long time ago both to trade and settle there. 

The people of Bintan have become accustomed to migrants. It is because of the trading culture. Locals in Bintan not only speak Indonesian. They also speak Malay, ‘Singlish’, Mandarin, and English. 

The cultural mix in Bintan is not only about the language. Religion, architecture, and other cultural aspects are all mixed up. Bintan has a variety of religious sites including hundreds of years old buildings. 

– Bintan’s Unique And Delicious Local Cuisine 

Bintan Island is in the Riau Islands. That makes it rich in various culinary delights, especially seafood. Bintan’s cuisine is also influenced by the acculturation of various cultures. Why? Because the island has a history of being a base for the spice trade. The dishes in Bintan have many culinary characteristics. They have Indian, Arabian, and Chinese culinary characteristics. 

In Tanjung Pinang resort, you can even find unique dishes like Gonggong. Gonggong is a sea snail that lives in the waters of Riau. Boil Gonggong first and then serve with sauce and seasonings. To eat it, the restaurant provides toothpicks. So, you can use it to pry out the insides. 

– Enjoy A Variety Of Exciting Activities On Bintan Island 

Enjoying delicious local cuisine, and stunning natural scenery on Bintan island. But that’s not all, many exciting water activities with the Bintan resort package. You can do diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and various other interesting activities. 

For a challenging and exciting travel experience, explore the beachside with ATVs. To explore the natural environment of Bintan, you can try trekking. Trekking to the green forest in the Mount Bintan area. 

Depending on the Bintan beach resort Tanjung Pinang you go to, enjoy activities as many as you can. Not only Bali, but Bintan island also offers international class resorts. You can do exciting things to do in Bintan with family, especially in the resort area. 

Most Bintan resorts are good for families. In other words, some facilities for children’s needs. Families can stay safe and comfortable during their vacations. Some Bintan resorts provide activities for kids both creative and educational. 

So, don’t hesitate to bring your children to Bintan beach resort Tanjung Pinang. Everything is available including facilities for family and infrastructure. More than that, there are many places to visit in Bintan. So, you can feel an unforgettable family travel experience. 

The Best Bintan Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang 

For a recommendation of the best Bintan resort for family, you can rely on Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga. Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga is a resort located in Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Riau. From a unique relaxing stay on a kelong to fun activities in the sea. Also, enjoy eating delicious local seafood, there is something for everyone. 

So, what is a kelong? Kelong is a traditional bamboo house. Kelong is one of the tourist offerings at Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga. It’s not a place for unique tourist lodging. Kelongs have cultural and historical values too. Kelong is an artful construction because people build Kelongs on the sea. Guests can feel like they are staying on the ocean. 

The restaurant at this Bintan beach resort serves a variety of seafood. Various types of dishes can fulfil your appetite. Enjoy everything from delicious shellfish, to fresh fish and more.  

The talented chefs are ready to serve the best seafood. You can experience eating above the sea and enjoy the breeze even more. 

Visiting this accommodation in Bintan can give you a variety of fun experiences. Not only can you stay with a more unique experience here. You can also do snorkeling, fishing, and many other interesting activities. Activities in this Bintan beach resort Tanjung Pinang make us get holiday satisfaction.Book Your stay at Kelong Pancing Now >> Contact Us

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