The Riau Islands are known for one of their world-famous tourist destinations, namely Bintan Island, which can be reached in a 1-hour trip from Singapore. Its beauty has attracted the interest of many world tourists,so there is a lot of information available about accommodation in Bintan.

You can enjoy the complete package offered, namely natural beauty and an unforgettable sensation of adventure. You will easily find Hotel Bintan Which Is Suitable for various groups, from families to vacationers and backpackers.

The following are some recommendations for the best hotels and resorts in Bintan that are suitable for you to choose from, let’s look at the reviews.

  1. Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga

Feeling tired of the busy city? Want a vacation filled with calm vibes and ocean views? Then Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga might be your perfect match!

This cool spot in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, lets you chill in special houses called “kelongs.” Imagine tiny houses on stilts, right above the water! Wake up to the ocean breeze and watch amazing sunrises paint the sky. Take a dip in the crystal-clear sea, swim with colourful fish, and soak up the warm sunshine.

Hungry? No problem! The resort has a yummy restaurant with fresh seafood dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance. Don’t forget to grab a drink at the bar and watch the sunset paint the sky with fiery colours. It’s like magic!

The friendly staff at Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga are like superheroes – they’ll make sure you’re having a great time. Want some adventure? Go kayaking or explore the underwater world by diving! Feeling lazy? Relax on your balcony with a good book and listen to the calming waves.

At night, lie down under a sky full of stars and let the gentle ocean sounds lull you to sleep.

Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga isn’t just a place to stay – it’s an experience!

So pack your bags, leave your stress behind, and get ready for a chill vacation at Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga!

2. Madu Tiga Beach and Resort 

The Second is also best, if you are traveling to Bintan Island, you cannot miss to stay at Madu Tiga Beach & Resort. It is located in Tanjung Pinang And it has a restaurant, outdoor pool, bar, and even free WiFi. The place also has evening entertainment and room service.

The rooms at the resort have a private bathroom with a shower and slippers. They also have air conditioning and flat-screen TV. Some rooms even featured a balcony for you to enjoy fresh air!

There are four kinds of rooms and each one offers you the best stay at Bintan Island.

Deluxe Room 

Deluxe rooms have a terrace where you can enjoy the view. They come with a spacious bed, and each bathroom has a shower for your relaxation after a long day. The weekday price is $50 per night, and the weekend price is around $57 per night. You’ll get fast WIFI, satellite TV, and international standard electric sockets all around the resort.

Suite Room

The Suite Rooms are a bit larger than the Deluxe rooms and come with a terrace for you to enjoy the surroundings. They feature a bigger bed, and each bathroom is equipped with a shower for your relaxation after a long day.The weekday price is $51 per night and the weekend price is around $58.You’ll also get fast WIFI, satellite TV, and international standard electric sockets throughout the resort.

Family Room

The Family Room has two separate rooms, allowing you to enjoy a wide view of the cityscape and nature. In the Family Room, you’ll find two beds, and the bathroom comes with a shower for your relaxation after a long day. The weekday price is $119 per night, and the weekend price is around $126 per night. It also comes with fast WIFI, satellite TV, and international standard electric sockets are available throughout the resort.

Barrack Room

The Barrack Room is great for big groups or large families, as it comes with 8 beds. The spacious terrace outside is perfect for hosting barbecue parties or group activities. Inside, the Barrack Room includes 2 bathrooms and 2 TVs.For weekday price is $ 181 per night,and the weekend price is around $ 188 per night. You’ll have access to fast WIFI, satellite TV, and international standard electric sockets throughout the resort

3. Bintan Beanbags

You can still enjoy the beauty of Bintan Island even on a limited budget.The accommodation called Bintan Beanbag Backpacker is very suitable for those of you who travel as backpackers; this is a place where backpackers share and chat with each other comfortably and in harmony.

This hotel, which carries a true backpacker style, has shared bathroom facilities, a television, a kitchen equipped with a microwave, and also a place to BBQ with other backpackers.

There are many tourist activities you can do near there, one of which is walking or cycling along the beautiful Trikora beach. You can immediately make a Bintan hotel booking and meet many other tourists from various regions and even from various countries. The price range for staying there is around USD 11.5 at maximum.

4. D’ Bamboo Kamp

D’ Bamboo Kamp has an area of 13hectares, offering a glamping atmosphere in a beautiful tourist area in Bintan that you will never forget

There are many activities you can do there, from fishing or horse riding and cycling to exploring the mangrove forest. The distance from this place to New Bintan Resorts International Airport is only about one hour.

D’Bamboo Kamp will give you a series of tours with routes that feature beautiful and iconic views, such as the Lagoi Bay day tour with very beautiful, impressive, and unforgettable experiences. The stay costs around USD 53 per night.

5. Marjoly Beach Resort 

For those of you who want to stay in accommodation that is more private and affordable, then Majorly Beach Resort could be a very suitable choice for you. You can enjoy your holiday in a calmer atmosphere and still enjoy the beauty that exists.

The distance is quite close to Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport, which is only a 30-minute journey. Many guests have come and proven the beauty of the beach views there, and they want to come back again.

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach by relaxing in one of the 13 beautiful bungalows available there.You can enjoy the atmosphere until nighttime and enjoy the beauty of the sparkling stars scattered across the Bintan sky. The cost is around USD 55 per night

6. Natra Bintan

For those of you who want to vacation with your family and need information about accommodation in Bintan to determine where to stay in Bintan, then Nara Bintan is the right choice.

This is the right place where you can enjoy an interesting glamping experience that is suitable for your family. The facilities are also equipped with outdoor rainforest showers.

You and your family will be treated to the beautiful views of Crystal Lagoon which will provide many fun activities that will add to the impression of your holiday with your family.

Activities available include kayaking through the mangrove forest, playing with the adrenaline-stimulating Jetovator, and riding an ATV. This is a prominent advantage of this resort hotel because you can get comfortable rest and satisfaction in enjoying a memorable holiday. Lodging costs around USD 212 per night.

7. The Angsana 

Angsana is a stretch of private beach with an area of 1.5 kilometers which will make you and your family’s holiday even more enjoyable. One of the advantages is that there is a Kids Club and also a conservation laboratory provided by The Angsana specifically for tourists who are interested in traveling while learning new things.

You can enjoy the hot sun to sunbathe, walk through the forest, or visit the Bintan Golf Lagoon while enjoying delicious tea. Everything you and your family need can be found when visiting the Island FamilySuite. It costs around USD 176 per night to stay there.

8. Cassia Bintan 

Cassia Bintan is an accommodation in Bintan in the form of an apartment located close to The Angsana. This Apartment is part of the Laguna Bintan Integrated Resort, where those of you who are golf lovers will gain experience and be able to play golf at a famous golf course in Bintan called Laguna Golf Bintan.

Kids Club is available there for a child under 12 years old and what’s more interesting is that you can get free meals there. Activities you can do together with your child include feeding animals, one of which is turtles.

You can invite your family to go for a walk to enjoy nature, and do art activities while making handicrafts.You can also join the first beach club there called XANA. It costs around USD 164 per night to stay there.

Bintan Bliss: Finding Your Perfect Accommodation Getaway

Dreaming of an island Getaway? Look no further than Bintan, Indonesia! With its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and lush greenery, Bintan offers the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. But what about finding the right accommodation in Bintan? Worry not, fellow travelers, for this guide will navigate you through the various options, ensuring your Bintan experience is truly unforgettable.

Beach Bungalows for Budget Bliss:

For those seeking a laid-back vibe without breaking the bank, Bintan boasts numerous beach bungalows. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and stepping straight onto the sand. Many come with shared terraces, perfect for socializing with fellow travelers, and some even offer breakfast buffets, making mornings hassle-free. This type of accommodation in Bintan is ideal for solo adventurers, budget-conscious couples, and small groups seeking a simple, beach-centric escape.

Family Fun at Resorts:

Travelling with your loved ones? Bintan’s numerous family-friendly resorts are your answer. Imagine spacious rooms with connecting doors, kids’ clubs with exciting activities, and multiple pools to keep everyone entertained. Many resorts also boast on-site waterparks, restaurants serving international cuisine, and even babysitting services for that much-needed adult time. This type of accommodation in Bintan caters to families of all sizes and activity levels, ensuring a fun-filled vacation for everyone.

Luxury Living for Discerning Travellers:

Seeking indulgence and exclusivity? Bintan’s luxury villas offer an unparalleled experience. Imagine private infinity pools overlooking the ocean, personalized butler service, and in-villa spa treatments. Some villas even come with chefs preparing gourmet meals, making you feel like royalty in your own island paradise. This type of accommodation in Bintan is perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway, groups of friends celebrating a special occasion, or anyone wanting to pamper themselves in ultimate luxury.

Eco-Conscious Stays for Nature Lovers:

Bintan also caters to travelers with an eco-conscious mindset. Imagine charming bamboo huts nestled amongst trees, solar-powered lighting, and organic meals sourced from local farms. Some eco-stays even offer activities like nature walks, mangrove kayaking, and beach clean-ups, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty while minimizing your environmental impact. This type of accommodation in Bintan is ideal for solo travelers or couples seeking a sustainable and immersive island experience.

Unique Experiences:

Bintan offers some truly unique accommodation options for those seeking something out of the ordinary. Imagine sleeping in a traditional kelong, a stilted house above the water, enjoying breathtaking sunrises and the gentle rocking of the waves. Or spend a night in a glamping tent, surrounded by nature, with starry skies as your ceiling. This type of accommodation in Bintan is perfect for adventurous travelers seeking an unforgettable and off-the-beaten-path experience.


 Finding the perfect accommodation in Bintan depends on your budget, travel style, and desired experience. Consider your priorities, explore your options, and book your Bintan adventure today! The island awaits, ready to create memories that will last a lifetime

That’s a review of several Bintan island resorts that you can use as a reference. You can do further research to find out what the most famous tourist destinations are there. But based on our research, Madu Tiga Beach and Resort & Kelong Pancing Madu Tiga would be the best choice since they offer various rooms at quite an affordable price.

Another thing that is no less important concerning accommodation in Bintan is finding out what transportation is available and how to get easy access when you are traveling there. Hopefully, the review above is useful and makes your holiday in Bintan even more memorable.

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